Helping Hands International supports directly medical camps throughout India, offering free medical and chiropractic services along with the distribution of other medical supportative materials (diabetes kits, pain relievers and vitamins). Dr. Williams himself usually travels yearly to participate in these camps where, on a daily basis 200-250 villagers receive free care. Each person is thoroughly screened to see which of their medical needs HHI can help meet. Many people travel hours to be treated at these camps along with their families. The medical camps are set up in the poorest parts of the communities to avoid people receiving care that can normally afford it. In the medical camps children, adults and the elderly are treated and are usually sent home with packets of supplies that include a toothbrush, toothpaste, Biofreeze gel, lotion and soap. With donations HHI will be able to distribute more materials and be used directly to help meet the needs of those who desperately need it.