Trip Reports

HHI Trip to Hungary 2016

Dr. Williams along with two of his son’s and a local pastor went on a 10 day medical mission’s trip through HHI to Pecs Hungary in April 2016. They were invited to serve with a local pastor and his family to offer free medical camps to 4 Bayash Roma villages on the outskirts of Pecs, Hungary. There are approximately 280 Bayash Roma villages in southern Hungary and in the northern part of Romania with approximately 200-500 individuals per village. The villagers are poor due to a loss in the mining industry in their county and are in desperate need of medical care and the gospel. Dr. Williams and the group supplied 250 patients with bibles along with 25 audio bibles during the free medical camps. The patients that were treated at the camps also received tooth brushes, tooth paste, soap, food, along with vitamins which all the items were donated by local vendors in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The group also got to visit and help a state run orphanage in Pecs along with a state run high school. The trip was a complete success and we are so thankful that we got to serve along with Gregerly, Tinea and their children to reach those in need in southern Hungary.